Who can do the math?

zwanger + =

This little miracle surprised us in all ways! Totally not planned, timing isn’t the best but that doesn’t matter, this baby is super welcome!!!

So after finding out and the initial stressful trimester, the fun period can start. With first finding a way telling all our family and friends. Really quickly I came up with this photo idea, only thing I needed was a tripod. So after that came in the first sunny morning we went out for some family photo fun. We had a blast, trying all different things, and both got a good workout out of it! Me running back and fort to set the timer (on my wishlist is a remote control now ;-)) and hubby for lifting our little prince and keeping little princess make funny and cute moves.

First we needed to see where we had to stand, so this cute test photo came out of that:


After we where happy with the photo with the tripod we let the kids have a little picnic on pink and blue blankets, a other idea I had. But we loved the other one a little more. But as you can see they had fun there too




Both of the kids are super excited for a new little brother or sister to join them Around June 2016. Specially our little princess is  super excited, she couldn’t get enough of the video I made from the 12 week ultrasound and had a bunch of questions. And the baby is already spoiled with lots of kisses and cuddles. Super nice to experience her awareness of a baby growing in my belly.