First time shooting new products by myself

With the wings I was super lucky that Kim Ebbets took the pictures. As much as I love taking pictures of my kiddos I am not even close to what she can do with the camera. But doesn’t mean I can’t gave it a try. Besides it was super fun to do!

Both my kids loved helping me out and at the same time exploring the park we where at. Elisa even took some nice photo’s with my phone to help out and allot of photos with her toy camera.

The corduroy skirt and super hero skirts both have a elastic waist band. My little girl loves those skirts because she can put them on by herself. At this age she really wants to do everything so she has allot of those skirts in her closet and they are always a favorite.

The vests can be worn either way. It is nice for those in between days where a jacket is to much and nothing just a bit chilly.