Lemon cake

Started with the recipe from baking the goods: lemon olive oil cake. My batter was super thin and dripping out of my pan. So had to open the oven way to many times to clean up and place something under it to catch the drip. Also took the cake out of the oven way to soon so it was still a bit wet and dense. Regardless I loved loved the taste! Started to look online for more recipes for lemon cakes. After searching and looking at different recipes I tried again.

This time I used butter instead of olive oil. And more baking powder. The smell out of the oven was amazing! When it was time to take the cake out and cut it I was super happy with the end results. 

Hope you all enjoy baking this one too. 


  • 175 gram unsalted butter, very soft. And some extra for greasing the tin.
  • 250 gram cane sugar
  • 1 lemon
  • 3 large eggs, at room temperature 
  • 250 gram cake flour or regular flour
  • 3 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 115 ml milk, at room temperature 


  1. Preheat the oven at 350 F. Prep a loaf pan with butter. Then cut a long strip of parchment the width of the loaf pan. Press the paper into the loaf pan so it covers the base and the sides. 
  2. Put the soft butter and sugar in the mixing bowl.
  3. In a mixing bowl, sift and add the flour, baking powder. Wisk in the lemon zest.
  4. Mix the butter and sugar till the sugar is fully incorporated in the butter. After that add one egg at the time and mix well after each egg.
  5. When everything is well combined mix in the flour mixture in 3 additions. 
  6. Add the milk and the juice of the one lemon and mix until it is incorporated.
  7. Pour the batter in the prepared loaf pan.
  8. Bake for 55-60 minutes, until a wooden pick inserted into the center comes out clean.
  9. Let cool in the pan for 10 minutes. Then remove from the pan and sprinkle with powdered sugar if desired.
  10. Enjoy!


Since March we’ve been sheltering in place. And while finding a way as a family of 5 in homeschooling and all of it. I thought “ooo fun I can read all the books now being at home all the time”. But my kids needed my help more then I thought. So figured I dust of my sewing machine and start making some masks for those tiny sweet faces. 

This turned out to be the best combination for all of us. I was still sitting with them, could easily help with all the school work while doing something fun for me.  

With the masks not being easy to get, started sewing for the in-laws. And now slowly for others. Planning to keep doing so. Will need to be a little patient as my supplies of materials has run super low now. But when I am stocked up again will get to work and start posting new masks.

Spring Sale


Spring is in the air, even though the first day of spring was a rainy day, I still feel it was time for a little clean up to make some room for new products.

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[ Photo by KIME ]

Who can do the math?

zwanger + =

This little miracle surprised us in all ways! Totally not planned, timing isn’t the best but that doesn’t matter, this baby is super welcome!!!

So after finding out and the initial stressful trimester, the fun period can start. With first finding a way telling all our family and friends. Really quickly I came up with this photo idea, only thing I needed was a tripod. So after that came in the first sunny morning we went out for some family photo fun. We had a blast, trying all different things, and both got a good workout out of it! Me running back and fort to set the timer (on my wishlist is a remote control now ;-)) and hubby for lifting our little prince and keeping little princess make funny and cute moves.

First we needed to see where we had to stand, so this cute test photo came out of that:


After we where happy with the photo with the tripod we let the kids have a little picnic on pink and blue blankets, a other idea I had. But we loved the other one a little more. But as you can see they had fun there too




Both of the kids are super excited for a new little brother or sister to join them Around June 2016. Specially our little princess is  super excited, she couldn’t get enough of the video I made from the 12 week ultrasound and had a bunch of questions. And the baby is already spoiled with lots of kisses and cuddles. Super nice to experience her awareness of a baby growing in my belly.

First time shooting new products by myself

With the wings I was super lucky that Kim Ebbets took the pictures. As much as I love taking pictures of my kiddos I am not even close to what she can do with the camera. But doesn’t mean I can’t gave it a try. Besides it was super fun to do!

Both my kids loved helping me out and at the same time exploring the park we where at. Elisa even took some nice photo’s with my phone to help out and allot of photos with her toy camera.

The corduroy skirt and super hero skirts both have a elastic waist band. My little girl loves those skirts because she can put them on by herself. At this age she really wants to do everything so she has allot of those skirts in her closet and they are always a favorite.

The vests can be worn either way. It is nice for those in between days where a jacket is to much and nothing just a bit chilly.










When Kim Ebbets asked me if I could help her out with an idea for a photo shoot that involved 3 cute little girls wearing wings I didn’t need any time to think it over. I was all in! This was the perfect moment to finally fulfill my dream of creating my own label. I love to work with other creative people and the brain storm process was super! The positive energy of sharing ideas you normally don’t think of on your own. I loved every minute of it!

After Kim shared her ideas with me and her mood board on Pinterest I started creating my drawings for the clothes. It took some nights with me waking up and thinking of something better, newer, and changes here and there. After a visit to the fabric store I started working on the wings. We decided that I would work with combination of dollies and pastel cotton fabric. I love dollies and was super excited to work with that.

The day of the photo shoot was closing up and I was getting a bit nervous……What will they think, will it fit and will I finish in time….. Last minute changes happened of course after a night of tossing and turning. But on the day itself I was satisfied with the skirts and wings. I really hoped Kim would be too. Of course I was super nervous, first time I made something for somebody else to wear besides my own kids and the first creations under my new label. Kim and the girls loved it! They loved twirling around with the skirts and the wings and it was a super fun photo shoot! 

The photo’s are stunning!!! Really Kim you’re a true artist with your camera! We already know that because we where lucky we had a change to do our maternity and newborn shoot from our little prince with you.  The way you work with the lighting and with 3 toddlers with a mind of there own is inspiring. It was a wonderful afternoon and even tho my little princess was started to get tired in the end she didn’t want to it end at all. 

Really want to thank her for the beautiful pics and the trust she put in me for working out her idea, thanks Kim! If anyone is looking for a top notch photographer in the Bay Area, head on over to